The Experience to Get the Job Done Right

In the late 70's when Fred Blair took on the reigns of Blair Construction the company began to work with Engineered Steel.  Over the years the volume of steel structure construction grew, and today BMB is a separate company within the Blair Holdings Group, completing in excess of 600,000 square feet of Engineered Steel Erection each year.

ialr-whitebg.jpgWith the experience, skills and manpower to take on the largest Engineered Steel construction projects, BMB is a preferred builder for both Nucor and VP Buildings.  

Our projects span the gamut in both project size and building types. From enormous manufacturing and warehousing facilities to single-use commercial properties, our experience in Engineered Steel construction has taught us to be versatile, efficient and safe.  

We operate multiple crews, managing several projects at any one time.  These crews are manned with seasoned builders, and managed by professional Superintendents with decades of Steel Construction experience.

"We like to get the building finished and hand over the keys to the owners with the assurance of quality. The quicker we can get things done, the better off we are."

Although BMB operates as a autonomous business, when you work with us you have the assurance of quality and integrity that has been earned through nearly a century of dedication to quality and satisfaction by the Blair Group of companies.